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The Importance of Water Heaters, Gas Lines and Solar Thermal

In homes that are north of the equator, water heaters and gas lines are not a luxury item – they are a necessity. Whether you own a home or a light commercial building, it is vital that your heating units continue to function properly always. When something is that important, it is imperative that you have a company you can trust that is available at all times to deal with any major issues.

More than just HVAC, let Sierra Mechanical, Inc. evaluate, inspect, and offer ideas for your home’s water heater, gas lines and solar thermal needs in the Colorado Springs region, including Woodland Park, Monument, Douglas County, Calhan, Divide, El Paso County, Fountain, and Teller County.

Water Heaters

When your unit starts to rattle and clank, leak all over the floor or fail to heat water properly, it might be time to upgrade. It’s important to remember that it always pays to replace your heater before it fails completely, so here are a few things to look out for: rusty water, pools of water, excessive noise, not enough hot water, foul smell, and a tank that has exceeded its life expectancy.

Most water heater issues do not require replacements, only repairs. When we come to inspect your water heater we will explain exactly what needs to be done and why, so that you know you are getting only the services you need.

At Sierra Mechanical Inc, we are able to provide 24-hour emergency or scheduled repair services, as well as regular scheduled maintenance. Our team of talented mechanical contractors pride themselves on their ability to consistently provide high quality services to each one of our Colorado Springs area customers, whether they are in El Paso County, Teller County, or Douglas County.

If your water heater is 15 years or older then it is almost certainly time to get a new one. Modern water heaters are more than 20% more efficient than older models.

If you are looking to have the water heater in your residential property repaired or replaced, we can help. We will provide you with an in-depth assessment of what the problem is and exactly how we can fix it.

water heating unit on wall
pipes and thermostats

Gas Lines

What’s worse than working all day and coming home dreaming of the beautiful steak you have in the freezer for dinner only to find out when you fire up the grill that you’re out of propane?…..  NOTHING.

What could be better than curling up on the couch on a cold winter evening enjoying the ambiance of your beautiful gas log fireplace?…… NOTHING.

From adding a gas line extension to piping your house under construction, Sierra Mechanical can get it done.   So figure out where you want your new barbeque and fireplace and give us a call to get you an estimate right away!  Why wait?

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems were very popular in the 1980s with government subsidies and rebates practically paying for the system.  There are literally thousands of solar thermal systems in El Paso county alone and they all have one thing in common… they need maintenance and checkups every couple of years.  Sierra Mechanical is one of the few companies in El Paso, Douglas and Teller county that is truly qualified to work on your system.  If you need your roof replaced or haven’t had the system checked out in a few years, let the pros at Sierra Mechanical take care of you.

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