Your Source For Heating & Cooling Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Your Source For Heating & Cooling Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Sierra Mechanical started as a small family owned and operated heating company in 1981. Now, with over 30 years of experience in a variety of service areas, Sierra Mechanical is your go-to resource for anything involving HVAC, heating and air conditioning in Colorado Springs, CO. We are dedicated to providing our customers the best products and services available in Colorado Springs. We care about serving our customers' needs, so although we keep regular office hours, we also provide 24-hour emergency service and free estimates for system replacements and new installations.

Services in Colorado Springs, CO:
Heating repair and heating installation services
Cooling repair and air conditioning installation services
Solar thermal heating
Tank and tankless hot water heater installation
Solar panel installation
Furnace repair

Professional Service at an Affordable Price

Colorado Springs, CO

Heating and cooling repairs are never part of the plan, and coming up with the money to repair or replace equipment can be challenging. At Sierra Mechanical we don’t want you to suffer through a crazy hot summer without air conditioning or having to experience the first cold front of the winter without any heat to keep you warm due to its expense. We offer quality products and HVAC services at a cost you can afford. We will work with you on discovering your best options without breaking the bank.

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